Mother's Day

April 4th 2019

Mother’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on the second Sunday in May, and just a few weeks away (12th of May). It’s the third largest holiday in the USA and also coincides with a number of sporting events. Here at OnlyRoses we’ve been preparing for what is, after Valentine’s Day, the second biggest event in the Floral World. Yes, it really is that important and rightly so. It is a day on which sons and daughters honour their mothers and is associated with family and celebration the world over. It’s a day when Moms are often relieved of the daily tasks. Almost certainly each Mom will receive a gift but what is the best gift for Mother’s Day.

The gift of flowers still cuts it according to our Mums, so we have created a special Mother’s Day Collection of Rose gifts. We’ve put a lot of thought into this and split it up into three different categories for the Trendy , Modern and Traditional Moms. Moms are so special they keep all the plates spinning and smother us all with love. Go on, treat them like you know they should be.

Mother’s Day, like so many other events, has become much more commercialised. The sentiments remain the same however. It’s a time for a family to gather round and make a Mother feel loved and special. Gifts of flowers and cards are the norm but can often extend to trips to the spa or many other such special treats. Make yours feel special with an OnlyRoses gift.


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