Ethical Sourcing

We work with four ethically working farms in Ecuador. We guarantee that the roses we sell in our shops have been grown and harvested in accordance to the strict social, labour and environmental standards as defined by the German FLP association, and Flor Ecuador.

OnlyRoses is the only florist in the UK which is certified to be 100% in compliance with the FLP standards, hence the only certified FLP member in the UK.

The following is guaranteed for all farm workers:

· Livable wages
· Freedom of association
· Non-discrimination
· A ban on child labour and forced labour
· Health care
· A ban on toxic pesticides
· No toxic waste

The following is also ensured:

- No toxic waste
- Minimized use of energy wherever possible
- Responsible handling of natural resources
- Offsetting all carbon emissions (Read more about our reforestation program here).