“OnlyRoses really are fantastic, elegant and extremely long lasting! Their InfiniteRoses are both beautiful and economical. We have a lot of people within our business who like to touch them because they look so authentic. I would highly recommend InfiniteRoses to anyone with a space who wants to create affordable, effortless glamour. “
Tracey Woodward, Commercial Director at Urban Retreats Ltd.

“We are very lucky to have found OnlyRoses. Their InfiniteRoses are not only long-lasting but come in a variety of luxurious colours. This is key for visual merchandising where attention to detail and ambience is everything. They look immaculate at all times and do not require water or care which makes them a perfect fit for retail environments. OnlyRoses gives us the peace of mind whenever we need to add that ‘little extra something’. “
Emma-Louise Henson, Visual Merchandising Manager at Christian Dior Parfums

“At The Cadogan Hotel, we are constantly pleased with the stunning arrangements that OnlyRoses create for us. With their exclusive, “InfiniteRose” range, the arrangements always look immaculate and contribute to our luxury, boutique setting. Surprisingly, these roses require no maintenance, water or care, therefore not only providing continual high quality. We have lowered our operating costs as well. Thanks to OnlyRoses, our guests will always receive the “WOW” factor at any time of the year.
Will Oakley, General Manager at The Cadogan Hotel

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