Zodiac Roses

Roses in different colours can be sent to a person as a tribute to their zodiac - we can offer different colours and varieties for all twelve zodiacs:

Aires - red roses 'Freedom', 'Forever Young', 'Tinto'

Taurus - lilac and silver, matching roses are 'Cool Water' and 'Something Special'

Gemini - violet and lemon yellow, matching roses are 'Violet', 'Tara' and 'Yellow Coral'

Cancer - silver and green, so 'Silverstone' and 'Limbo' might be the best match

Leo - orange and gold are Leo's colours - in rose terms this means 'High'n Magic' or 'Voodoo'

Virgo and Sagittarius - resembled by deep blue - as there naturally are no such roses, 'Double Party' in an intense lilac comes close

Libra - soft pinks, so 'Magic Mokka', 'Conny' or bi-coloured 'Dolce Vita'

Scorpio - deep yellow and bright red represent scorpio's colours - ideal roses are 'Friendship', 'Kerio' and 'Freedom'

Capricorns - brown, dark red and green are this Zodiac's colours, in terms of roses this means 'Coffee Break', 'Black Bacarra' and 'Green Fashion'

Aquarius - again lilac, green and pale yellow - so the roses to give are 'Double Party', 'Jade' and 'Caipirinha'

Pisces - green for the lakes and silver for the scales - we recommend 'Limbo' and 'Amnesia'

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