91st Academy Awards 91st Academy Awards 91st Academy Awards
91st Academy Awards

OnlyRoses specializes in creating Rose Scenery, which includes rose walls, backdrops made of roses, rose flags, rose spheres, and sculptures made of roses for events and TV/Film/Theatre Production.

We were honored to supply and install 40,000 of our Infinite Roses® - real, preserved roses that last more than a year and do not need any water – in the color Scarlett, for the 91st Academy Awards Stage. Under the direction of The Academy’s chosen Designer David Korins, the stage featured a monumental oral installation made exclusively of Infinite Roses.

Our signature Innite Roses® allowed for an elegant stage that reects this glamorous event, while being a guarantee for a lasting eect. ‘Fresh-cut roses are impossible to use for this size of installation as they require water and do not last, given the time it takes to install’ says OnlyRoses Co-Founder Anian Schmitt.

To enquire about a wall of roses, or any bespoke structure or sculpture made of roses for events or TV/Film/Theatre production, please contact us by sending an email to beverlyhills@only-roses.comor call us on (+1) 424 278 1111. We’d love to speak to you.

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