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InfiniteRose Flag, Union Jack, Infinite Roses, Flag
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The Infinite Rose Flag is an arrangement of our Infinite Roses to commemorate a flag of your choosing. The Infinite Rose Flag is a spectacle to behold that only our experienced florists would be capable of creating.

Available in four sizes, Medium (140cm x 70cm, 392 Infinite Roses), Large (160cm x 80cm 576 Infinite Roses), XL (180cm x 90cm 648 Infinite Roses), Ultimate (200cm x 100cm, 800 Infinite Roses). They are also available in a wide selection of flag designs, for any special requests please contact your nearest store by phone or by email.

The Infinite Rose Flag is an arrangement like no other and due to this we will require a lead time of seven days to create this arrangement for you.

Infinite Roses do not require water and maintain their beauty for up to a year. So stunning are the Infinite Roses that they cannot be told apart from their fresh counterparts. Click here for further information about our Infinite Roses.

Infinite Rose Flags is part of

The Infinite Luxury Collection

The Infinite Luxury Collection is a compilation of our most exclusive InfiniteRose designs. They are expressions of style and elegance that simply cannot be matched.