Infinite Rose Fleurs Du Vin

Infinite Rose Fleurs Du Vin - The Infinite Luxury Collection - OnlyRoses
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Delivery not available during the Valentine's period (Feb 10th to 15th)


Roses in a Stunning Vase

A dome of our Infinite Roses presented around a leather handle in a champagne cooler vase of aluminium.

Hand-made by one of our experienced florists, using only the World's Finest Roses in the colour of your choice, we introduce Infinite Rose Fleurs Du Vin.

Luxury Roses

Ideal as a gift, or to make an entrance at that dinner party you’ve finally found the time for. With a vase that fully functions as a champagne cooler, Infinite Rose Fleurs Du Vin will escort you through more than one occasion.

Available in one size and all the colours of our Infinite Roses, including mix. To request a colour please contact us!

Infinite Roses are real roses, that last up to a year, without any water. They cannot be told apart from their fresh-cut counterparts.

Infinite Rose Fleurs Du Vin is part of
The Infinite Luxury Collection

The Infinite Luxury Collection is a compilation of our most exclusive InfiniteRose designs. They are expressions of style and elegance that simply cannot be matched.